Thimble Hall is the smallest detached house in the world.

Thimble Hall, a tiny one-up, one-down cottage. It has a ladder for a staircase and is without running water, a bathroom or a kitchen. It is owned by the Fredericks Family from Chesterfield. Its miniscule statistics are a mere 11ft 10in by 10ft 3in by 12ft 2in high. Currently classified as a "building-at-risk”, this grade II listed building is to be converted into a tiny gallery for high-quality local Derbyshire crafts.

It will be a display case for a collection of thimbles as well as housing regularly changing exhibitions of locally produced jewellery, silver, glass ware, and art (available to purchase).

Thimble Hall has also inspired the local famous ice cream makers, Frederick's, to name its organic ice-cream after it. The ice-cream will be made using Frederick's expertise, using high quality organic ingredients sourced from the Peak District and will be sold through selected outlets including Thimble Hall.

Guinness Book of Records: World's smallest detached house